Find a Movie You Can Really Get Into

Pick a film and preview it in our Cedar Rapids, IA shop

Are you a visual person? Do you need a bit of inspiration to reach your peak? Stop by Adult Shop North for an unadulterated dose of excitement on film. Our Cedar Rapids shop is equipped with a movie arcade where you can preview over 1000 films to see if it's to your liking. Rent a booth and share the experience with someone else, or purchase it and hold on to it forever.

You can reach us at 319-294-5360 to learn more about our preview rooms.

3 ways to take advantage of our movie arcade

We have a wide selection of titillating films designed to stimulate your senses. Stop by our movie arcade and:
  1. Preview a movie privately in one of small booths
  2. Preview a film with in one of our large booths with a group of up to six people
  3. Purchase a movie to watch in the comfort of your home
Visit Adult Shop North to preview or purchase an exhilarating film.